Come to the Table // October 20, 2018.

It has been an extremely long time since Woven Together has published a blog! Back in August, our team was preparing for a new season. We stepped back from blog writing to focus solely on our first conference. We’ve been silent on social media for quite a while now, but only so that we couldContinue reading “Come to the Table // October 20, 2018.”

Courage for the Uncomfortable

Traveling alone to a foreign country. Quitting your job and starting something new. Talking to the stranger sitting next to you on the bus about Jesus. Leaving your comfort zone is a lot of things.  It is scary.  It is hard.  At times, it is discouraging – But often, leaving our comfort zones is whatContinue reading “Courage for the Uncomfortable”

Hello My Name Is…

Hi! My name is Faith. What’s yours? Names are important.  Usually, the first question we ask someone is “what’s your name?” They are on our bank statements, our driver’s licenses, and our passports. Parents pick names for their children based on emotional or familial significance.  We call our friends by special nicknames that remind usContinue reading “Hello My Name Is…”