Welcome to Woven Together Ministries! The ladies that make up this team love life, are full of the love of Jesus and live out their God given uniqueness. Each woman from Woven Together comes from a different walk in life. Whether they are in college, owning their own business, or married and working a job, each woman has their own story to share of what Jesus has done in their lives, and we can’t wait to share Jesus with each of you!

Our mission is to unite women everywhere under the truth of the Gospel and the love of Jesus. We have been radically changed by Jesus and want to share that with every woman we can. We want women to lock arms, stand united, and remove the things that hinder our relationship with God and others. We want women to throw aside things that divide us such as comparison and jealousy. We want to challenge other women as we challenge ourselves to encourage & empower one another instead of turning our backs against one another. We have found our identity in Christ and want other women to do the same, and see just how amazing Jesus is. Our battle is not against each other, because of His love we are woven together into the family of God. Satan is out to destroy us, and we have to stand together in Jesus to combat the lies he throws at us daily. Your age, your relationship status, your job, or where you live, does not define you, and God has given us each a unique purpose to change our own worlds, but are we brave enough to live it out? Each woman on this team is learning each day to be brave to change their own world, and we want you to learn to be brave enough to do the same.


“I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ, God’s great mystery. All the richest treasures of wisdom and knowledge are embedded in that mystery and nowhere else. And we’ve been shown the mystery!  – Colossians 2:2-3 (The MSG)