The Story of Faith

Hi guys! As you may know, my name is Faith, which also happens to be the subject that we are focusing on this month here at Woven Together. So for this weeks’ post, I have asked my mom (with some help from my dad and my brother Lucas), to tell the story of how I got my name.



“To tell Faith’s story, I have to rewind. Faith began in 1995, but her essence started a few years before that…

I was pregnant and very excited! I have always loved children and grew up dreaming about a home full of them.  Finally, our family was beginning! A few months into the pregnancy however, tragedy struck and the baby died.

Complete sadness. Loss. Disappointment. Heartbreak. It is difficult to even write these words today.

Time passed and still no pregnancy. We did not know why and the doctors could find no explanation. More time passed—wondering, asking questions to God, experiencing deep sadness. We kept going through the motions of everyday activities, but this was always in the back of my mind.

One of these activities was a shower—one of our friends was adopting a baby!

Now, I feel the need to interject here that baby showers were emotional minefields for me. As I said, I have always loved children. Holding a baby gives me immediate peace and joy. There were a lot of babies being born around us at that time to family, friends, and coworkers. But going to baby showers then brought back all the sad feelings and hard questions. Why not us? Why was this happening?

However, this particular baby shower brought me an immediate sense of peace… Adoption? I had never really thought about it but, could this be our path?

We began the process and although adoption is traditionally full of long waits and setbacks, our adoption progressed with relative ease, as things sometimes do when you are following God’s path.

In the span of about two months, we had a beautiful, wonderful, handsome bundle of joy—our oldest, a son! Life without Luke in our family is hard to imagine. He is a blessing to us every day.

But wait—you say “I thought Faith was a girl!” She is! You have only heard the first act of our play.

You see, God was working behind the scenes. Through a series of events that could only be described as miraculous, while we were working through the adoption applications, I became pregnant. During that year we became the proud parents of not one, but two babies, born just seven months apart.

So when our baby girl was born—on her exact due date (she has always been a rule follower)—we had no trouble deciding on a name.

Faith is confidence in something that you can not see or understand; it is a deep understanding that God will take care of you.

Faith is a complete trust in someone or something.

Faith is a strong belief in God and in the doctrines of a religion based on spiritual trust rather than proof.

Faith is a wonderful, handsome, strong son.

And Faith is my beautiful, kind, loving 22-year-old daughter.”




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