Growing Pains

Growth is hard. Whether you are growing physically, emotionally or spiritually. We all go through seasons of growing, it is a constant throughout of lives. Some growth we ask for some we wish we did not have to go through. Recently I went through a significant time of change in my life, and in the midst of that change I was growing in ways I didn’t even realize.  It was not until I took a step back and looked at who I became that I saw a change. Changes are constant with growth. Sometimes we do not want to accept that at the time of growth. We should not look at growth as a negative thing but as a positive time to blossom into someone new.

We have all been through the part of our life that physically grows us. We get actual growing pains from our body maturing and getting taller and stronger. I was lucky to be on the short side and not deal with a lot of pains.

Emotional growth is important but difficult to process. Growing emotionally takes time. Whether you are emotionally growing towards someone, away from or just trying to understand your own emotions. Emotional growth is what I experience this past year. I moved back home, started online classes and have a full time job. Through this stage I have matured and really learned about my emotions and feelings. Truthfully I did not realize this was happening until I thought about where I was a year ago today (emotionally). If you are dealing with an emotionally growth in your life remember that God is always there for you and wants to see you grow and mature.

I believe spiritual growth is the most rewarding and important growth stage we can have. Fall 2015 really was the start to a deeper understanding of spiritual growth. It was the start of something new, moving to Virginia to start my freshman year at Liberty University. I was surrounded by the Word and many fellow believers. I dug deeper into the Word while being able to fellowship with friends. That was the easy part because at Liberty, It was a constant subject. When I came back home on breaks and eventually moved back home that was the true test of faith. I will be honest, I withered in my faith rather than growing initially. It took some time for me to hear what God was saying and see what the Lord showed and gave me in the times of need was amazing. He gave me exactly everything I needed, not wanted.

I have been reading the book of Psalms. Recently, every time I open my Bible, there is always something that speaks to me. About a week ago, when I was preparing to write this blog, I read a prayer about times of troubles Psalms 40.

 “He brought me up also out of an horrible pit, out of the miry clay, and set my feet upon a rock, and established my goings.”

This clearly shows how he wanted us to grow even when we are our weakest.

No matter the season of growth you are going through currently it is always important to remember that God gave this challenge to you because He knew you needed it. We will continue growing throughout our lives. I hope you know that the growth will help you grow closer to God and He has a reason for each season. When God created us, He knew the plans for us. He never said they would be easy. Not all growth will being challenging though.  Some seasons are beautiful and easy but when/if you are struggling with a difficult season of growth remember that God loves you and He knows what is best.


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