Between Seed and Sprout

What makes you excited for spring? For me, I love to see all the bright, beautiful flowers blooming and the picturesque green trees coming to life again.  Spring is a time of rebirth, redemption, and growth.

Inspired by the warm weather we’ve been having and excited the embrace the new season, my mom and I have been doing a lot of planting.

I love going to the store, picking out some flowers, and bringing them home to plant.  It’s instant gratification, or perhaps more accurately, instant beautification. In the few hours that it took to choose the plants, bring them home, and put them in the ground, you are able to see such a change in the yard, porch, or garden.

However, in gardening (or life, for that matter), you don’t always see those instant results.

This year, I also planted some seeds.  In theory, planting seeds is simple: you put the seeds in some dirt, water them, and wait for them to grow. The process seems so easy, but I sometimes struggle to keep watering and tending the seeds when I’m not seeing any progress.  That period of waiting for the seed to grow into a sprout can be difficult.

Sometimes, I feel like I’m stuck in that same “in-between” place in my life.

Sometimes, I can’t see any progress.

Sometimes, I don’t feel like I’m going anywhere.

Sometimes, God calls us to wait.

Numbers 9: 15-23 tells of the Israelites in the desert after Moses has led them out of Egypt. God had given them a cloud by day and a fire by night (Numbers (9:16).  This cloud or fire was meant to direct the Israelites: when the cloud moved, they were to move with it and when it stayed in place, they were to wait (Numbers 9:17-18).

I’m sure that the journey through the wilderness was hard, but I think that, at least for me, the hardest part would have been the waiting.  Why would you want to sit in the desert and wait when you could be making your way to the promised land?

Right now, I’m in a season in my life where God is calling me to wait.  Waiting is hard for me, especially since I still don’t know what metaphorical promised land God has in store for me. But I know that God knows the best path for me to take, just like He knew exactly what path would lead the Israelites to the promised land while still protecting them from their enemies.

Maybe, like me, God has called you to wait.  So, what do you do while you’re waiting?

Let’s take a cue from those seeds I was talking about earlier.

First, a seed needs nutrient-rich soil in order to grow. Find a church, a mentor, a bible study, or some other Christian community to learn from.  Ecclesiastes 4:9-12, Proverbs 27:17, Matthew 18:20, and Galatians 6:2 are just a few of many verses that express the importance of Christian fellowship.

Secondly, a seed needs water. Water is what quenches our thirst when we are physically parched, just like the Word of God quenches our spiritual thirst. Reading God’s word nourishes the soul and helps us to grow spiritually.

Finally, the seed needs time. After making sure we have spiritual soil and water, all we can do is wait for God to tell us what to do next (and make sure that through prayer and fellowship with God, we’re listening when He speaks).

I know waiting is hard.  It’s so easy to become discouraged and impatient, but be encouraged by this today:

  •             God knows what path you need to take, and He will show you that path in His time.
  •             Spiritual growth still happens during seasons of waiting.
  •             Seeds, with the proper care, do eventually sprout, even if it’s hard to see their progress.
  •             You are not alone! You have brothers and sisters in Christ (throughout history and today) that are going through similar seasons of waiting.

Our team would love to talk with, offer encouragement, and cover you with prayer!  Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram!

With love,



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