A Matchmaker Named “Kris”

Every girl makes a list of what they want in a guy. Whether in her mind or on paper, it is there. You might even say, “Hah, I’m not that girl!” I said that same thing. But one day my best friend and I sat down and really thought about it. I ended up filling up a whole page, front and back!

     Not long after this list making, in a girls bible study class I took, my teacher suggested that we start praying for our future husband. So that night I did. To be honest, I didn’t really know what to say. How do you pray for the guy you long to meet and know you will end up spending the rest of your life with?
     “Dear Lord, I thank you for the man You will one day give me. I ask that You draw him nearer to you everyday, bless him in all he does, bless his family and keep him safe wherever he is. Thank you God, amen.”
     That is basically what my prayer sounded like.  I tried to make it a point to say something to God about him every night. Not as if to say, “hey, don’t forget about me over here… you know the single one!” Rather, thank you Lord for the wonderful man I know You will send me one day.  Help me to be patient.
     “Be patient,” is the hardest thing for a girl to hear! Especially when it comes to wanting a relationship, it is not easy.  So for a few more years I was patient and lived my life as one friend from high school after another got married. My best friend can attest, and with that I decided to be the best version of me I could possibly be! It was not until a year ago my world flipped upside down.
     In December, 2016,  I met a wonderful lady at my brother’s homeschool basketball game. I was talking to some friends in the lobby when I heard, “Hi. How old are you?” Without a thought I turned around, looked back and said
     “Me?” pointing to myself.
     “yeah you!” she said!
     “21” I answered.
     “Perfect!” she said, “My son is 21, very good looking, has a great job, loves sports, huge baby blue eyes, tall, dark hair, knows how to do a back flip, I don’t know if you care about that sort of thing but he can, loves the beach and dogs…” Etc…
     “Well he sounds nice.” Not really sure what to say back as I was now in shock over what had just happened. No lie, I was looking for video cameras!
     Long story short we talk for about an hour, which lead into this very nice lady, Kris, texting Luke (her tall, blue eyed, dark haired, backflipping son who was living in Philadelphia at the time) a bunch or different things about me, and him responding with more about himself. Time went on, we said good bye, and decided to stay in touch through Instagram. “The ball is in his court now, lets see what he does from there.” Kris said. Right, I thought as she left, we’ll see…
     One week later I heard from Luke! Are you kidding me?!? This strange guy from Philly I had never even met actually took the time to find me on Facebook and say something? Yep, he did. Over the next month and a half we talked through Facebook messenger, and then one day he finally asked, “So do you really think you’d want to meet me in real life? Could this work?” To which I responded, “You could have asked me that a long time ago and I would have said yes!”  Two more long weeks later on January 27th, 2017, Luke drove to Lynchburg from just outside Philadelphia for the evening to take me out on our first date.
     Now, back to the part about the list making. On the top of that list, besides the good looks part, and the “has to love Jesus” part, was that I wanted to feel safe around him. The moment I walked into the restaurant to meet Luke, and I stood beside him saying the typical “hello, how are you?” things, I felt safe! I knew right then that if something bad or crazy happened at that moment, nothing would happen to me, because Luke would not let it!
     Two weeks ago on January 27th, 2018 (one year to the day from our first date), I married Luke Wagner! As we dated this past year, he went through eight months of Police academy training and has become a Police officer. Not only does the love of my life make me feel safe all the time, but it is also his job to help others feel the same.
     Do not give up on God hearing you, because He does. Don’t give up on being yourself, because you never know who’s mom you’re sitting next to.
“Cast all your cares on Him because He cares for you.” 1 Peter 5:7
– Olivia

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  1. Aww love this!!! Such a wonderful love story!❤️


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