One on One with Hope: How to keep Christ at the center of your life while working a full time job

This week, I (Haley Martin) interviewed one of our blog writers, Hope Trossen, on how to keep Christ first in the midst of working a 40 hour a week job. Hope graduated from Liberty University several years ago, with a degree in Criminal Justice. I asked her just a few questions, so let us take a look at what she said.

Haley: Where do you work?

Hope: I’m a Security Guard at Walmart.

Haley: How do you make time intentionally each day for Jesus? 

Hope: It’s hard, especially with a schedule that changes daily. My job does not give me normal hours and it makes me feel more tired mentally and physically not having a set schedule. Honestly, at times, it does put a strain on my time with Jesus but my days are always better when I keep Him first. I try to spend time with him first thing in the mornings and I talk to Him on my long drive to and from work. I also spend time in prayer throughout my day. Talking to my Father should be easy, so that is how I make it. I pray whenever I can and wherever I am.

Haley: How do you represent Christ at your workplace? 

Hope: I try to be an encouragement to everyone I come in contact with whether it be a coworker, a customer, or even a shoplifter. I want them to see God in how I act and what I say. I let them talk to me and I try to be there to help. I always try to end a conversation with “I’m praying for you” and I make sure to actually pray for them. Some people really appreciate it, even the ones who are not believers are thankful.

Haley: Do you have any tips for college graduates on how to transition into a full time job and still keep Christ at the center of their life? 

Hope: If you do not keep God at the center of your life it will end up being 10 times harder. On days where I did not make time for Him or weeks where I have drifted from Him, they were some of the hardest to get through. If you keep Him at the center you will be able to get through anything that comes your way with a busy schedule.

These are just some tips from Hope on how to handle keeping Christ at the center while working a full time job. We hope these tips have encouraged you whether you work a full time job, or are at school. God can and will use you wherever He has placed you, so keep seeking after Him. Thank you Hope, for sharing some of your wisdom and a piece of your heart.


(Pictured: Hope Trossen, Blog Writer)


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