An Abundance of Leftovers

It is that time of year again. It is the season of Thanksgiving and enjoying family, friends and good food.

I personally love this time of the year because it is cold which means you can wear big sweaters…which means you can also eat all the good food.

As I sat in church the other day, my pastor reminded me of thankfulness and most importantly thanking Jesus for what He has done for us. It may seem cliché to thank God, as if we have to slip that little phrase into each prayer we say, especially around Thanksgiving.

My pastor reminded me of the importance of having genuine thankfulness towards Jesus. I believe it is good and healthy to remind ourselves every day of what our salvation is to us. That Jesus lived a perfect life, died a terrible death and then resurrected. He defeated death and sin so that we may have life, eternally. This world would be nothing without meaning, and that meaning comes from Jesus. We are no longer slaves to sin, to shame, to guilt. We are set free, as Galatians 5:1 talks about, so that we can live in freedom.

Thankfulness for Christ’s sacrifice should be an ever-constant in our lives. When was the last time you broke over your sin? As we get used to sin in our lives, or used to being free from things, we tend to forget the burden that it was until Jesus came along and freed us by His sacrifice. Jesus’ love is so incredible. As I write this, I cannot even think of the right words to describe His love. I know that I feel surrounded by it like it is one big fluffy blanket.  I feel secure knowing that when I feel like I am in the pit of darkness and loneliness,  He is still there and His love is ever-present.

I could go on forever explaining the how much Christ’s love has radically changed my life. Honestly, I will do that with my life and when I die, let my existence in Heaven forever be the undone song of praise and thanksgiving.

Another point I want to point out, to go with the theme of Thanksgiving, is the idea of leftovers. I am not talking about the food left over after the big feast, but rather the leftovers of worship. This convicted me so hard when my pastor mentioned this in church.

How many times do we come to church or start praying but we have already spent the majority of our time and mental energy on other things, even sinful things. So, when we go into worshipping and thanking Jesus, we are giving Him the scraps or leftovers of our time and energy. I have done this many times before, as church and daily devotional time can get monotonous.

I hate this within myself. The King who died for me, and died for you too, should never get monotonous, half-hearted worship. I say this out of my own conviction because I know those prayers I have prayed and those songs I have sung out of the feeling of duty, not worship.

Jesus, you deserve our everything. Not just one, or a couple days out of the year. You deserve it every second of every day.

Yes, we are sinners. Yes, we are still living in our fleshly bodies, in a fallen, dark world. From this, we will have an aspect of imperfection and we will fall to the monotony of worship. But fight it.

Know your place and know His place. A daily reminder is needed in all our lives to remain thankful with a full heart of worship and gratefulness. Remember Jesus’ sacrifice and abide in the love He has for you. It will never end or give up on you.

Thank Him for His unfailing love. Thank Him for His sacrifice. Just come, with a full heart, and thank Him.


We love you all and you are all constantly in our prayers!

During this holiday season, I know many people are going through hardships of many sorts. If you ever need anything, do not hesitate to reach out to us via message on Facebook or Instagram, or email at


For His glory,



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