Selflessly Present

I have always been a morning person and honestly, I love it that way. Many days, I wake up before my other roommates. One particular day, I woke up early, sat outside and watch the sun come up, seeing God’s glory in the unfolding of a new day.  Meanwhile, I was reading my Bible and I was taken back by a thought. It amazes me that Jesus was sinless, like how did He do it? My particular thought was about the simple ways we hurt people and how Christ was the ultimate example of the right way to act.

I walk around with pride, anger, bitterness, and hidden motives often. Sometimes I see people and I get annoyed that they are needy or will not leave me alone. When Jesus saw people, He had compassion for them. One portion of scripture that I believe exemplifies this is Matthew 14:14, “As [Jesus] stepped ashore, He saw a huge crowd, felt compassion for them, and healed their sick.”

The backstory to this verse is that John the Baptist had been beheaded by Herod and Jesus had just found out.  Jesus went away by Himself to grieve (which would be the healthy and normal thing to do). I tried to wrap my mind around the next part of the story because Jesus had grieved for a little while but was then thrust right back into ministry. The crowd was waiting on Him and immediately, as He saw them, He had compassion and started healing their sick.

This struck me deeply because I know when I go throughout my day, especially when I am having a really hard day, compassion for others is usually the last thing on my mind. Jesus, at one of the hardest points in His life up to that point, could have said He needed more time to grieve or that He was not feeling ministry that day. The Jesus that we put our faith in was so selfless in His way of living that He immediately started helping them when He stepped out of the boat.

I pray that God would awaken my heart to stop being so selfish and see people with compassion, no matter where I am at in life. Every time a person or crowd comes into my life is another opportunity for God to work a miracle through me. Yes, grieving and bad days have their place, but it comes to a point of holding on to that grief when one needs to let it go.

Jesus found time to be alone to rest and to grieve which is important for a healthy mindset in general. He also knew that His Father was His sustainer. God is the One who give rest and vital strength to keep going. God is our strength. He is the One who it mighty to save.  He is the one who gives us our manna every day to keep going.

As Jesus showed me this I saw myself in every-day life. How do I act towards people? When I am having a hard day, am I selfless or selfish? God is our provider and the One in whom we put our trust. He will provide strength and healing no matter what. We must not forget that our purpose on this earth is to represent the Gospel to the people around us.

This world needs Jesus.  It needs me, it needs you, it needs us Christians to realize the source of our identity, our strength, and our healing so that we can continue to step out and see people with compassion and share the Gospel.

Just like Jesus, realize the true source of your every-day strength and identity. Hard days will come and bad things will happen but cling to the One who is the author and perfecter of your Faith. He is able, He is with you.

With Love,


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