Loving the face looking back at you

Being happy with who you are is hard. How often is the grass greener on the other side? Did you know there are so many others out there saying the same thing? You may not believe it but it is so true.

I am a people pleaser, so growing up I tried to fit in with whatever was going on.  In high school, this was especially true with the sports teams I played for. Now that I have been out of that realm for quite a few years and stepped into adulthood, I have realized just how hard it was and how much I was breaking myself to make everyone happy.  It was so hard to win someone else’s approval. I felt as if I was to the point of being a “door mat,” if you will.

Today, I am here to encourage you to just be happy with who you are! Do what feels right for you and where you feel God telling you to take the next step! When I left my job back in October of 2016, I had know idea what was going to happen. I had no game plan, no ideas of what to do next.  The only I had was this small voice that said, “Get out of there! I have so much more for you on the other side of this!”

Now, do not get me wrong –  I DO NOT have it all together. No one does!  However, when I finally decided to stop being scared, started to love how God made me and be happy with this life God is leading my through, I changed a lot and for the better! New doors began to open, I started my own business, I have been able to be there for my family and a wonderful loving guy walked into my life.

So be happy with who you are and the path you are on. God wants you to be, after all He made it!

Side note… I am writing this in the living room of some friend’s house that I’m house-sitting for.  In the bathroom, taped to the mirror is a slip of paper that says, “Good morning, this is God. I will be taking care of all your problems today. I will not need your help. Have a good day.”

It may be blunt and to the point, but it is so true! How awesome is it that we have a God that wants to take care of our problems and enjoy life with Him? Because if we are not careful it slips away so quickly. Loved ones pass, your babies grow up and  if we are not careful, we may miss it.

Do not waste your time wishing you could be different or have more of something else. To borrow Olay’s catchy slogan, “Love the skin you’re in,” and watch.  Doors will open and will God take you to new places, so have fun while you’re at it.

“Give thanks to the Lord for He is good. His love endures forever.”

Psalm 136:1


-Much love, Olivia


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