Alpha and Omega

Right now, nothing seems constant.

I’m a recent Liberty graduate transitioning to employment. In the meantime, I’ve been traveling three different places this past month. Now, I am home for the first time in four years for good and it is weird. I do not really have a new normal until I have a job and can once again start a routine.

My nomadic life has led to the contents of my apartment now sitting in my parent’s living room. Clothes are stacked high and there are all sorts of Pinterest-looking rustic décor scattered over the floor instead of adorned on the walls. The mess is in piles, awaiting to be stored away in boxes until I am once again out on my own.

My mind is kind of like that too – trying to store away and process all of the memories of the past several months. To not just make sense of it all, but to capture every detail of squinty eyes caused by smiles and laughter.

Because the season of college in my life has come to an end and my adult life has begun. Yet, as surely as this stage is just beginning, it too will mature into another stage and another. I’m beginning to realize that nothing will probably ever seem constant.

Except God.

Just as the ocean’s tides come in and out daily, God is my constant and forever. Routines, homes, jobs, and people may come in and out of my life as I go through different seasons, but the Lord is who I can cling to for eternity.

Therefore, He is my Alpha and Omega. Not only was He here before the world began and created the world, He will be here even after a new heaven and earth are created. Even so, as great and mighty as God is, He is still my personal beginning and end. He had plans for my life before I was born and, when I made the decision to follow Him as a child, He became my new beginning and the end of my sinful self.

Psalm 73:26 says, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

So wherever He leads, I will follow. Sure, life is bound to throw me some hard circumstances and I am likely to make mistakes. We live in a sinful world. But I will chase hard and fast after the One who loves me dearly all of my days. After all, this life is too short to not be spent with my Forever.

Lizzy Long

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