Who Is God to Me?

What comes to mind when you think of Jesus and who He is to you in your personal life? Do you think of Provider, Healer, Father, Redeemer, King, or Holy Spirit? Or do you think loving, gracious, all-knowing, strong, powerful?

Through the course of my life, Jesus’ name has held different roles. He was my healer as I was recovering from double knee surgery and had to sit back on many things I used to enjoy. Another time, I saw Him as gracious when I was not pouring into our relationship like I should have been. He loved me and pursued me despite my selfishness.

When I think of Jesus, I think of Father and Provider. My dad died three weeks after my 18th birthday due to a tragic accident. My dad worked for the county cutting trees on the side of the road. One turned the wrong way and killed him instantly. This was not the path I wanted for my life. After all, I had prom, graduation, and high school all coming within the next 6 months.

When I lost my dad, I had to learn to look to Jesus in times of trouble. I no longer had an earthly father to call on the phone when I was sad, upset, distressed, or even excited. I had to learn to call out to him when things did not go as planned and since then, I have found myself in a state of prayer much more than I used to be, because I know that God is eager to listen to His children.

It is safe to say that this tragedy turned my entire world upside down. Losing my earthly father has been the hardest thing that I have faced. However, it also taught me to fully rely on Jesus, so for that alone I am thankful. I am thankful because I know one day I will be reunited with my earthly and heavenly Father. What a day that will be!

I know for a fact that God can provide us with everything we need because I have seen this take place in my life. I have seen God restore my parent’s marriage. I have seen God heal my heart after losing my grandpa and dad. I have seen God provide financially in amazing ways. The list goes on.

It is freeing to know that God is the ultimate provider, and we are not. Go to Him in prayer and believe that He is capable of providing for our needs. We are called to have faith and trust in Him and if we do so, He can move our mountains!

If you do not know who Jesus is to you personally, I encourage you to discover what His name specifically means in your life. It is an amazing thing to know God in this manner and be able to look to Him as a friend, rather than a judge or ruler.


Kasey Prikkel

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