It’s 2017, so here’s a new thing!

      Hey there to whoever is reading this! My name is Haley Martin and I guess you would call me the founder of this ministry! God laid a vision on my heart to reach women in every part of the world and gave me a call to help unite women no matter what walk of life they come from. Anywhere you go in this world, you’ll find there is a ton of division especially among women and I know I have found myself causing division towards those around me. I have found that no matter what age, each of us women still have insecurities, struggle with comparison, and do not find our identity in Christ. The mission of the ministry is so that each of us writers will grow in each of those areas, and hopefully help you grow too! We are passionate about people and want to be real with each of you. The purpose of this blog ministry is not so that people can see us, but rather, so that people can see Jesus working in and through us. We want this to be a place where women can come to learn about Jesus and grow in Him. We want to allow ourselves to be vulnerable with you, come along beside you, and walk through this wonderful journey we call life together.

          I do not feel as if I am a qualified writer, but I know I have a passion in my heart along with the other girls on my team to share the gospel. I know Jesus has moved radically in my life and has changed me. Even though I accepted Christ at a young age (at 8 years old in my third grade classroom! Those were my glory days and I’m blessed for that…), I did not fully start to understand Christ until the past few years of my life while attending Liberty University (Go flames…it’s lit. Wow that was a funny. This is your turn to laugh. Thanks.) All of my life I kind of put Christ as this side figure in my life that could help me in times of trouble, and give me a few miracles here and there.

         Throughout the past two and a half years I’ve realized that I am a mess, an actual literal hot mess. Some days, I compare myself to jello. I’m just kind of all over the place, bouncing around and pretending I’ve got it all together. But if we’re being real, we all are like that sometimes. I always thought I had it together on my own and that Jesus just made me look better. I’ve learned that without Christ I am nothing. That I cannot find my identity in anyone or anything. The only one who can fully satisfy my soul is Jesus!

         I’ve learned that through Him, I can choose to love. Being a lover is sometimes a lot harder than being a hater. I’ve learned that I can choose to not compare myself to my friends but rather empower them, and find my identity in Christ. I’ve learned that I do not give myself purpose, my future career does not give me purpose, my friends and family do not give me purpose, and my future spouse will not give me purpose.

      I want to do this ministry/blog for God, for you, and for me. I want to learn through this, and I want to show other women  what I’m learning. The women that will be writing on this blog are some of my closest friends. Some days, I end up comparing myself to them. Some days, I have divisions with them. But instead of acting out as myself in comparison, I decide to act how Christ would and love them.

          The name “Woven Together” comes from Colossians 2:2-4 (MSG), which says, “I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God. Then you will have minds confident and at rest, focused on Christ, God’s great mystery.” All the richest treasures of wisdom and knowledge are embedded in that mystery and nowhere else. And we’ve been shown the mystery! I’m telling you this because I don’t want anyone leading you off on some wild-goose chase, after other so-called mysteries or secrets that promise the world.”

         I love this verse. It ties together our whole mission for this blog. Throughout my life I have found myself not confident nor not finding rest because in my mind I was not putting my life into Christ’s hand. I, at first, did not understand the mystery of Christ. I believed Christ loved me, but I didn’t fully think about just how much Christ loves me. I would look for affection from other people, instead of Christ, and honestly some days I still try to do that. I would feel like my life was spinning out of control because I was being led off by the world on what success is in the worlds standards. I would always try to be better, to be skinnier, be with the latest trend, focus on my image, focus on social media, and in the end I’m distracted by the world completely. Some days I still struggle with all of these things, but I have to preach the truth of God’s word to myself. I believe this verse shows exactly what the writers of this blog want you to know. That women all around the world can be woven into a tapestry of love by allowing Christ’s love to reign in our lives. That we can look to Jesus for our fulfillment, our hope, and our affection. We can choose to live with purpose, the very purpose that God created us for. That we do not have to run around aimlessly, that we do not have to follow everything the world does, instead we can follow God and be content in Him through the good times and the hard times.

         I truly believe that each person reading this has a unique story. I pray that throughout reading the blogs posted on this site that you and I both will be able to allow God to demolish sinful strongholds in our lives, to find our God-given purpose, to not allow comparison, anger, cattiness, etc. to ruin our relationships with one another but instead allow us to stand strong in the love of Jesus and reach the lost together. I pray that this blog also encourages you, that no matter what the world says, you don’t have to have it altogether. Christ died for you for a reason, and that is so that you can look to Him for your perfection and all your needs. He dies to give you a perfect relationship with the Father so that you can find wholeness in Him and lay your burdens at His feet.

      Throughout the next year, as each girl from this team writes about what they believe God wants them to, we pray you will be encouraged, challenged and strengthened through it. We pray that some of the topics we write about are the exact things you will need in that very moment. We were not made to stand alone in this world, instead to rally together, and grow with each other daily. With that being said, we hope you’ll grab your coffee, tea, Dr. Pepper.. what ever you have to drink to wake up in the morning and you’ll join us every Monday morning for a new word of encouragement to help you get through your week.

    Here’s the last thing… we want you to be involved in this ministry. We want to be there for each of you to answer any questions, pray for you, encourage you, and walk with you. You can contact us anytime through commenting on a blog, messaging us on our Facebook or Instagram page, or also emailing us at

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